The Lucky Golfer

There is this guy who is in love with a women. He says honey I want to marry you but you need to understand I will always need to get my Saturday golf game in each and every week. The women tells him she loves him too and as long as he promise to play one 18 hole game a week she’ll marry him. They get married and he plays his golf game each Saturday as planned for several years. They are very happy and he is very faithful. One Saturday on the way home from golf he sees a beautiful blonde standed by the side of the road with a flat tire. He stops and changes her tire. She says that she simply must find a way to repay him. He responds, no repayment is needed and wishes her a good day. She insisted he come back to her place a few blocks away and that she pleasure him like he had never been pleasured before. He finally gave in and went to her house. Indeed he was pleasured like never before for two hours. Feeling guilty when he got home he explained the hole story to his wife. She replied “YOUR SUCH A LIAR! YOU HAD TO PLAY A SECOND 18 HOLES!

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