About Farcepedia

Farcepedia is a website full of funny misinformation and jokes. It’s supposed to be F***ing (Farcing) fun. It’s sort of like a comedy club for the masses. This is one of the only factual pages, before everything turns into a laugh fest.

This is an important statement – Not a Joke!

Farcepedia is a website full of humor of all types. We will accept anything funny but nothing hurtful. Try to be humorous and not just inept.

The mission of Farcepedia is to make as many people as possible laugh each and every day, and to give them a venue to share their humor with the world. Rule #1 at Farcepedia is to have fun. We realize that many of the jokes may be offensive. Please only tag x-rated or mean personal postings.

Please do not participate on Farcepedia if you are thin skinned, serious, or a kill joy.